Control panel performance issues

8:00AM PST /  3:00PM UTC: The ControlNow control panel is currently experiencing performance issues which our team has traced to communication problems with one of our database servers.  The interface may be slow or unresponsive during this time.  We do not believe that mailflow will be impacted.  Thank you for your patience as the engineering team works to address this.

Message delays in German Datacentre – Continued

Our monitoring has alerted us to increased processing times in the German datacentre, as were being affected previously.

We are currently investigating the source of these issues, and will post further updates when they become available. Messages may be subject to minor delays until the cause and solution are identified.

We are carrying out additional engineering work to ensure the root cause of this issue is found to prevent future occurrences of this.

ControlNow – Console Performance Issue – US Territory

We are currently experiencing a performance issue with the US Console.

We are working to resolve the issue as a priority and will keep you posted of our progress.

Update 9:28 EDT

Performance is returning to normal now, and we continue to monitor it.

Details: There was a throughput reduction in our main US database which slowed requests, some which timed out. Agent data uploads were queued and we are processing through this backlog currently. We have identified some application optimisations which we will apply and release in our usual development cycle.

ControlNow – Firewall exceptions

With the release of ControlNow we will be modifying our server URLs as well as the upload URLs that the agents use for communications. If you require special configurations for your Firewall setup in order to block or allow specific URLs, please refer to the following knowledge base article.

There is logic in place to ensure that devices running on Windows XP will continue to communicate with the existing upload URLs (as Windows XP devices are not able to use the new SSL certificates). There is also logic that ensures that if a device can’t connect to the new upload URLs, that they should fall back on the existing upload URLs.

Kind regards,

The ControlNow team


GFI Cloud – Brief outage in Australia (Resolved)

Dear customers,

Engineers have responded to a system issue affecting the Australia instance of GFI Cloud. It resulted in a brief outage which lasted less than 30 minutes. It occurred around 05:00AM GMT (16:00 local time – AEDT) on Monday November 10th. The Development Operations team were notified and were able to quickly restore service.

Our sincere apologies for any disruption this has caused.