Traffic from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria

Effective the week of January 25, 2016, the operator of the Amsterdam datacenter used for the LogicNow Mail services will be implementing network-level blocking of traffic originating from IP addresses in countries that are subject to U.S. trade and economic sanctions, namely Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.  If this change would adversely impact you, please contact our support team and we will ensure that your inbound traffic is directed through our Germany datacenter instead.

Resolution of Archive Index in Europe

10:00am Pacific / 6:00pm GMT – The issue affecting some of the mail archive indexes in Europe has been resolved.  While we will continue to monitor, our tests have shown normal archive search responses for the last 12 hours. Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve this.

Update on Archive Index in Europe

2:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm GMT – Our operations team has been working to resolve the affected indexes within the mail archive service in Europe.  As was the case previously, all messages in the archive continue to be securely retained, and customers can continue to search the archive based on message metadata (To, From, Date, etc.), although searches in the European archive for message body contents may be inaccurate.  We will continue to post updates here as we work to resolve this.

Resolution of Issue with Outbound Mail Handler

10:30am Pacific / 8:30pm GMT – The operations team has restored the functionality of the server within the North American datacenter which was delaying a small percentage of outbound mail.  All messages that were queued on that system have been or are being delivered, and message processing both on that system and across the datacenter is operating normally.

North American mail processing server

17:30 GMT / 09:30 Pacific – Our alerting systems have notified us of an issue with one outbound mail handling server within our North American datacentre. This is currently being worked on by our operations team to restore full functionality for this server. The issue is causing all mail which is stored on this server (quarantined and queued mail) to present an error message within the console if viewed, and this mail will not release until the servers functionality is restored. This will only impact a small number (up to 5%) of outbound messages for non EU customers. We will post further updates to this site when they become available

Indexing for European Archive

12:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm GMT – Our monitoring has detected an issue with some of the indexes within the mail archive service in Europe.  All messages in the archive continue to be securely retained, and customers are able to search by message metadata (To, From, Date, etc.), but searches in the European archive for contents within the message body may be inaccurate.  We will post updates here as more information becomes available.

Release update – Windows 10 support


Today we finished a service release for ControlNow. The server updates have already been deployed in US and APAC, and EMEA will be done tonight. The agents updates are underway and to reduce bandwidth they will be staggered over the next 72 hours.

This release is to add support for Windows 10. Since the release of Windows 10, there have been reports in ControlNow that devices upgrading to Windows 10 would encounter issues in regards to Antivirus and Patch Management not working. This releases adds support for devices using Windows 10 and ensuring that Antivirus and Patch Management still have their services running after upgrading to Windows 10.

Included in this release are the following:

BUFGIX: Windows 10 devices are being reported as Windows 8
BUGFIX: Windows 8 Pro is reported as Windows 8
BUGFIX: Windows 10 upgrade disables Antivirus
BUGFIX: Windows 10 upgrade disabled Patch Management
BUGFIX: After upgrading to Windows10, Antivirus cannot be removed leaving device in intermediate state.
BUGFIX: Devices reporting to be incompatible with Web Protection after upgrading to Windows10


The ControlNow Team