Release update – Service release

Hi everyone,

Today we finished a service release for ControlNow. The server updates have already been deployed in US, EMEA, and APAC. The agents updates are underway and to reduce bandwidth they will be staggered over the next 72 hours.

In this release, we updated the Remote Control Viewer to TeamViewer v10. As the Viewer cannot connect to a Host that is on a more up-to-date version, allowing the IT Admin to download and install the new viewer before we roll out the host upgrade will help make the transition process easier when we upgrade all the Remote Control hosts in the future. You can download the Remote Control viewer from either the Remote Control settings screen, or from the main Remote Control page accessible through the left hand menu navigation.

The release notes include the following:


  • Update Remote Control Viewer to RC Viewer v10
  • Uninstalling the old Remote Control Viewer when installing a new version over the top


  • Cannot approve patches on “Patch information” screen
  • Remote Control Aggregate sort order column doesn’t work
  • Digest Report links hidden because of white text on light background
  • Copyright notice shows 2014 but it’s now 2015
  • Whoops error on accessing process manager/service manager using remote tools
  • The items in the service manager window disappear when trying to change a status of a particular service from the tool


The ControlNow team