Login form intermittent problems

Dear Customer,

We’ve had some reports from Customers that the Login form on https://www.controlnow.com/platform/login and https://login.controlnow.com is having some issues. The team are investigating with haste.

If you need to log into the ControlNow console in the meantime please use the alternative console addresses here

ANZ https://console2.anz.controlnow.com

EMEA https://console2.emea.controlnow.com

US https://console2.us.controlnow.com

This is purely a problem with the Login form and the operation of the ControlNow service and attached Devices are not affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The ControlNow Team

ControlNow – Release update

Dear customers,

We have just finished a ControlNow release update in the ANZ and EMEA territories. The US territory will be deployed tomorrow morning UK time (outside of US business hours).

  • In this release we have updated the product references and imagery from GFI Cloud to ControlNow.
  • All online documentation and getting started guides have been rebranded for ControlNow
  • All product emails will now be coming from app-notifications@controlnow.com
  • Upload paths: New agent installations will use a new set of upload URLs. These new URLs will have to be added to customer firewalls as before where appropriate. There is a knowledge base article on support.controlnow.com with the detailed information
    • XP and Server 2003 devices will continue to use the old gficloud.com upload URLs.
  • All existing GFI Cloud agents will continue using their current upload URLs until we push a new agent release in our next release.

Also included in this release:

  • NEW: Computer count added to Software summary report
  • NEW: Added support for VIPRE Antivirus v7 in Monitoring Antivirus update check
  • NEW: Added support for VIPRE Antivirus Business v7 in Monitoring Antivirus update check
  • NEW: Added support for Webroot Secure Anywhere in Monitoring Antivirus update check
  • UPDATE: updated support for Windows Defender Antivirus in Monitoring Antivirus update check
  • UPDATE: updated support in for Windows Defender Antispyware in Monitoring Antivirus update check
  • UPDATE: Performance improvements on bulk group assignment to ensure appropriate policies are properly reflected in bulk updates.
  • UPDATE: Competitive Antivirus Removal Tool has been updated to the latest version (v649)
  • BUGFIX: 23392 – Web Protection Report is not properly sorting by Date
  • BUGFIX: 23186 – Windows defender AV check changed to Avast update check
  • BUGFIX: 22851 – process details do not all have a unit attached to them (process manager)

The  ControlNow  team

Introducing . . . ControlNow

Dear customers,

GFI Cloud has officially changed its name to ControlNow. You will start to see changes from today onwards as we update the product and our supporting materials. In order to minimize the impact the restructure will have, the url link to your console will be automatically re-directed to the new site.  However you may like to update your favourites to: http://www.controlnow.com/platform/login

Please note that your login credentials remain unchanged.

You may wish to update your email whitelist to include @logicnow.com and @controlnow.com domains to ensure that you receive all product digests and subscription information.

Kind regards,

The ControlNow team

GFI Cloud – Brief outage in Australia (Resolved)

Dear customers,

Engineers have responded to a system issue affecting the Australia instance of GFI Cloud. It resulted in a brief outage which lasted less than 30 minutes. It occurred around 05:00AM GMT (16:00 local time – AEDT) on Monday November 10th. The Development Operations team were notified and were able to quickly restore service.

Our sincere apologies for any disruption this has caused.