Release update – new Service Manager tool

Hi everyone,

Today we finished a release update to GFI Cloud in all three territories. This release only includes a server update, and as such, no agents need to be updated.

This release adds the ‘Service Manager’ as a new remote administration tool part of the Monitoring service. With Service Manager, IT Admins are now able to manage Windows services remotely, and apply corrective actions such as starting/stopping/restarting these services remotely without disrupting their end-users.

Stories included in this release:
 NEW: Remote Tools: Service Manager
 NEW: Service Manager launch button
 NEW: List of services in Service Manager
 NEW: Applying actions on services
 NEW: Search for service details in Google
 NEW: Service details – general information
 NEW: Service details – dependencies

Bugs fixed in this release:
 BUGFIX: 23192 – Issue with device name not being shown in email templates.
 BUGFIX: 20967 – Remove unlinked Quarantined Notifications (Quarantined notification not linking to any quarantined Item)
 BUGFIX: 23282 – Failure of Remote Background Management connection causes Agent connection issue
 BUGFIX: 22340 – Single Device View Last Reboot and contact time ellipses now styled as a link
 BUGFIX: 22955 – assign licenses – unable to install service when seat is occupied by a device that is uninstalling.
 BUGFIX: 23234 – Report display problem for ‘Removed devices report’