Release update – new Remote Tools

Hi everyone,

Today we finished a release update to GFI Cloud in all three territories. It has been updated on the user interface, but to reduce bandwidth, the agent updates will be staggered over the next 48 hours (to ensure that every single GFI Cloud agent doesn’t ask for an update at the same time).

This release introduces the Remote Tools feature set as part of the Monitoring service. Remote Tools is based on the Remote Background Management technology that we released 4 weeks ago. It includes:

1) Remote Command Line
2) Remote Process Manager
3) PowerShell command line

These tools provide huge time savings to IT Admins as they can now work on end user’s machines without disrupting them (no need to ask them to stop working for a period of time while they troubleshoot certain issues). The 3 tools allow you to run commands, processes, utilities, and PowerShell script’s on remote PC’s.

Bugs fixed in this release include:
 BUGFIX- Cannot dismiss AV Update check dialog while textbox is empty regardless of radio button status
 BUGFIX – Quarantined notification not linking to any quarantined Item
 BUGFIX – Expired license, then a retrial, followed by a purchase flow rejects transaction