Release update – Remote Background Management

Hi everyone,

Today we finished a release update to GFI Cloud in all three territories. It has been updated on the user interface, but to reduce bandwidth, agent updates will be staggered over the next 72 hours (to ensure that every single GFI Cloud agent doesn’t ask for an update at the same time).

This release introduces our Remote Background Management (RBM) technology. The RBM technology allows the agents to have a persistent connection to the server so that actions can be carried out instantly. It includes:

– the ability to run actions now (user generated actions like policy updates, reboots, custom scans, custom threat definitions updates, custom patch installations will happen right away).
– a light heartbeat that performs the overdue processing, the last check in time data, and the command to send the pending actions back to the agent.
– When devices first come online, they will perform their light heartbeat, so that the device will appear online instantly, as opposed to a delay for the checks to be carried out.

This releases paves the way for our Remote Tools release scheduled for early September. The Remote Tools feature set (Remote Command line, Power shell command line, and Process Manager) is based on the RBM technology, and will give IT Admins the ability to remotely access device’s command line, run Powershell Scripts, and manage computer’s running processes). The RBM technology uses Web Sockets over port 80 to communicate encrypted via SSL with our back end servers. If the RBM connection breaks for any reason the agent will revert to the current way of working.

Included in this release is the following:
 NEW: Run checks now based on RBM technology
 NEW: Light heartbeat to handle overdue processing, last check in time, pending actions
 NEW: Users now have the ability to use their mouse right-click on the following tables: Actions menu on the network screen, Patch Management tables, and Antivirus Quarantine tables for a single device.
 NEW: When a device is turned on, it should show up as online right away

 UPDATE: In Remote Control, the computer name used in GFI Cloud shows up in the Remote Control session window
 UPDATE: When I install Antivirus for the first time, I don’t want to have to reboot my machine. Currently VIPRE requests a reboot when installing Antivirus. In many cases this is not actually required, and this story helps improve the Antivirus installation flow by only requesting the reboot in the cases when it is actually necessary.
 UPDATE: CART definitions updated to the latest version: 624

Bugs fixed in this release include:

 BUGFIX: System checks are reporting alerts from incorrect custom check
 BUGFIX: Windows service checks with non-ascii names don’t display properly in console
 BUGFIX: Missing 1032 check causes screens to fail to load
 BUGFIX: Whoops something happened hit f5 to refresh. when selecting Network, Licenses and reports button
 BUGFIX: Notifications left when device is removed
 BUGFIX: Do not load full policy data on each VPE Hello call