GFI Cloud – release update

Today we have just finished the engineering release in all 3 territories of a service update to GFI Cloud. This service release will address a few UTF8 bugs, some longstanding Antivirus bugs, and some Remote Control fixes among other things. In addition, there is a new report available letting users know of devices that have been removed from their accounts in the last 30 days. As usual, agent updates will be staggered over the next 72 hours.

Included in this release are the following:

  • FEATURE: Removed devices report. A new report available in the console that will tell you about devices that have been removed in the last 7/30 days
  • UPDATE: Quarantine action buttons have been moved to a menu button to be similar to patch actions and network/sdv actions
  • UPDATE: CART (competitive antivirus removal tool) updated to the latest version – v612
  • UPDATE: Remote Controller Viewer to contain new branded images in the installer gui
  • UPDATE: Remote Control Host updated to latest version to include fixes from TeamViewer for potential crash
  • BUGFIX: Mailbox XML error when Remote Control integrating – No side effects
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect download dialog for TeamViewer only devices from Remote Control aggregate connect button
  • BUGFIX: Unlink error in patch scan upload
  • BUGFIX: Multiple sets of product radio buttons when reclicking buy now
  • BUGFIX: Allowing certain Malware results in a “Failed to release from quarantine” status
  • BUGFIX: Quarantined Items stuck in “Failed to release from quarantine” state.
  • BUGFIX: Failed to Release Item from Quarantine has an Allow button in More Info View
  • BUGFIX: Server sends 247 XML configuration files with ISO encoding declaration rather than UTF8.
  • BUGFIX: Extra checkboxes for changing seats and cancelling services
  • BUGFIX: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (UTF8 247config being saved as ISO on agent restart)
  • BUGFIX: Cloudlink/Performance Monitoring – Invalid Json Data – Malformed UTF-8 characters
  • BUGFIX: Remote Control Host Agent upgrades itself
  • BUGFIX: Device is shown as Remote Control ‘Installing’ during upgrade of feature