GFI Cloud – release update


Today we finished a release update to GFI Cloud. The server updates have already been deployed in the US, EMEA, and APAC. The agent updates are underway and to reduce bandwidth they are to be staggered over the next 72 hours. We have split apart the Engineering release and the Marketing release (targeted for April 2nd) to ensure that all agents will have been updated in time for the Marketing release.

This is a minor release, and the high level features are as follows:

–          Antivirus improvements (more detailed alerts, and updating threat definitions bulk action, and an update to CART)

–          Web Protection improvements (new notification for possible data leakage)

–         Scalability work in this release has been focused around optimizing queries, and removing unnecessary information so that the load on the servers is reduced for each call being made.

–          Dropping support for IE8


  •   NEW: Devices with no services filter. This filter is so that you can easily identify all the computers that have yet to have any GFI Cloud services installed on them. This will allow the user to quickly find computers that they still need to add services to
  •   NEW: PC last contact date on network view: All pages in the network view will have the column ‘last contact’ so you can easily see when the last time that device has contacted GFI Cloud
  •   NEW tag on new devices. All devices that have been newly installed will have a special icon to indicate that they are new to the system. The icon remains for 5 days or until services have been added to that device.
  •   NEW: Link to GFI Cloud server status blog from help section of the console
  •   NEW: Drop IE8
  •   UPDATE: Session duration for inactivity is now set to 4hrs
  •   UPDATE: Redirect to use the Global Login form. This is to ensure that we always use the global marketing login form.
  •   BUGFIX: Links in emails take users to console 2 rather than console 1
  •   BUGFIX: Multiple rows per device in Network
  •   BUGFIX: Some device features are installed with no device component record
  •   BUGFIX: Default Group Delete button can be selected through it’s prompted message
  •   BUGFIX: Server Device Date Added is not updated on uninstall and re-install – results to no “new” tag to device icon
  •   BUGFIX: SessionID is not destroyed/expired on logging out of account
  •   BUGFIX: Cannot Logout from Getting started signup flow


  •   NEW: Antivirus definition update bulk action: This allows users to quickly update threat definitions across multiple devices as a bulk action. Multiple devices can be selected from the network screen with the Shift or Control keys to select multiple devices, and then the action can be selected from the network actions menu
  •   UPDATE: Modify the quarantine email to include details about the items in quarantine, date, severity, and to ensure it is sent each time something appears in quarantine as opposed to only when the quarantine is no longer empty.
  •   UPDATE: Updating CART to the latest version – v580
  •   BUGFIX: Quarantined notification not linking to any quarantined Item

Web Protection

  •   NEW: Web Protection Data Leakage Notification when user attempts to upload data through web mail attachments, p2p shares and personal online storage services, larger than the threshold you specify.
  •   BUGFIX: Blocklist should be renamed to Blacklist in Blocking message dialog box
  •   BUGFIX: Digest email for Web Protection points to old Web Protection filter
  •   BUGFIX: Web Protection server logs not being cleared


  •   NEW: Performance optimizations (optimizing queries, and removing unnecessary information so that the load on the servers is reduced for each call being made)
  •   NEW: Move to session less communication for console/uploads and turn sessions off on servers. Agent session communication for config files remain.
  •   NEW: Remove unused Mav Scan Errors table/data
  •   BUGFIX: Max Execution time reached by Vulnerability Processor


  •   BUGFIX: CloudLink Server Error — UploadedFile, null given
  •   BUGFIX: Cloudlink agent didnt restart after upgrade
  •   BUGFIX: Avast definition retrieval broken


  •   UPDATE: Modify 30 day email (expired email) to include text change and added link for a win/loss survey
  •   BUGFIX: NFR recrods send duplicate ProductEvent to smartleads


  •   BUGFIX: Detail Computer Report slow to generate
  •   BUGFIX: Web Protection Reports – 7+ Digits in report Pie chart are not being displayed well
  •   BUGFIX: Reports with Last 7day period label up as dates between covering 8 days