Web Protection is now available in GFI Cloud

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, we finished an update to GFI Cloud in all 3 territories. Web Protection is now available as the next service in GFI Cloud. It has been updated on the user interface, but to reduce bandwidth, the agent updates will be staggered over the next 72 hours (to ensure that every single GFI Cloud agent doesn’t ask for an update at the same time).

Web Protection in GFI Cloud

Web Protection (powered by GFI WebMonitor®) enables IT administrators manage Internet usage on company machines – including laptops on the move – effectively protecting against productivity losses and web-based security risks. Without this level of protection, users tend to end up in sites which can either get them into trouble or can break down computers, which IT admins are then expected clean up and restore.

Key Features:

  • Works outside the proxy and LAN
  • No dedicated server
  • No need to configure proxies
  • Blocking security categories
  • Block/Allow 80+ categories of URLs
  • Policy based White and Blacklist URLs (overrides category settings)
  • Time-based browsing rules
  • Alerts when devices exceed threshold of bandwidth consumptions
  • Real-time graphical view of bandwidth usage across the network; filtered on devices, categories, and sites (with 7 and 30 day history)
  • Drill down of usage per device showing: categories and URLs visited and bandwidth consumed (with 7 and 30 day history)
  • Aggregated usage across entire network showing: categories and URLs visited (with 7 and 30 day history and option to drill down for more device details)
  • Customizable Group-based policy management, with override options for fine grain control
  • Policies tailored for device types and automatically applied

Please note: Web Protection requires Vista SP2 or higher and Server 2008 or higher

Other features included in this release

  • New Asset Tracking report for outdated computers. This report allows you to quickly identify computer’s on your network with outdated Operating systems and low memory resources. This report helps provide the ideal tool to easily plan for system upgrades.
  • Configuration settings for all services have been moved to one single location:
    • On the top right, there is a settings button which contains AV, Patch, and Web Protection policies as well as the Group settings
  • Digest report: New behaviour so that if there are no devices in an account (expired trials), users won’t receive the digest email
  • Updated look and feel for the Cleverbridge shopping cart

Bugfixes also included in this release include the following:


  • BUGFIX: Extra properties saved in active protection file extensions in Vipre policies


  • UPDATE: Added support for ‘Microsoft Endpoint Protection’
  • BUGFIX: Event Log Check – Exclude Events from this Check – Event ID field
  • BUGFIX: Monitoring Checks Add Button can be selected multiple times resulting in multiple identical checks created

Patch Management

  • BUGFIX: Saving Patch Policy very slow

TeamViewer integration

  • BUGFIX: TeamViewer integration hung at pending (was a partial fix for this in the last release)

User Interface

  • BUGFIX: Lightbox can be dragged downwards and out of grayed out area
  • BUGFIX: numeric columns that are sortable don’t sort in the correct order
  • BUGFIX: Actions dialog breaks if dismissed before loading finished
  • BUGFIX: Date Added Column (Network\Licensing) does not use Account timezone
  • BUGFIX: Log out takes me to gficloud.com
  • BUGFIX: Clicking on a device from inventory details filter should link to appropriate place in SDV
  • BUGFIX: Device goes back to Blue status when installing additional service
  • BUGFIX: link to MailEssentials Online needs updating
  • BUGFIX: Issues with “Reboot Server” function if fails – after remote reboot, option to reboot is greyed out

Asset Tracking

  • BUGFIX: Operating system is listed in both operating system and application software categories